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 What is E-Dev ?   

This mini-site explores global issues. It has been made for young people (primary age and up), in Norfolk (UK). E-Dev looks at global connections – how Norfolk is affected by the rest of the world and how we make a difference to the world with our own actions.     


  • What are global issues?
  • Do they matter?
  • How does our lifestyle affect people other countries around the world?
  • What we can do to make a difference when things are wrong?


The Global Games in the PLAY section begin to explore Human Rights, Global Citizenship, Diversity, Conflict & Resolution, Interdependence, Values & Perceptions, Sustainable Development and Social Justice.

After playing the Global Games find out more about the issues in the INVESTIGATE section.

Then take ACTION – in your school, at home, in your community or in your cyber community. 

Importantly you can inspire others to take action too if you SHARE what you have achieved!

We really want to hear your feedback comments to shape the future of this site.

…we hope the site is helpful, and you enjoy exploring your global links :D


Bad internet connection ?

If you are in Norfolk we can send you the E-Dev GLOBAL GAMES on a lovely wooden USB stick, so that you can play them without being connected!  





Just 1 USB per address, for suitable use as determined by NEAD, only.

If you share the games, especially online, please credit NEAD and link directly to this website !  Thank you.


After playing the Global Games take a deeper look into these issues in the real world. Find out more in the INVESTIGATE section.


Once you know more about an issue you can get involved in making a difference yourself.
Many people, groups, charities, organisations and businesses work on global issues here in Norfolk. They are often looking for volunteers, donations or other kinds of help. Some have campaigns that you can be part of - we are sharing some of these, especially online ACTIONS.
From quick online petitions, emailing your MP, or pledging to make changes in your own life... we show you campaigns where you can begin to make the changes you want to see happen in the world!


For years schools around Norfolk have worked with NEAD to explore global issues. If you think that something needs changing then get involved in changing it!
...And when you succeed, please SHARE what you have achieved, to inspire others to do the same!


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